The Chefs Table, 

Seats upto10 people 

If you travel the Garden Route in South Africa; you may discover the beauty of all the guests on a given night dining around the same table. On visiting the Lake District some years ago; we discovered the same arrangement at a Guest House for breakfast. Meeting new people, sharing experiences and perhaps life stories is interesting and at time a revealing experience. We have taken the concept and applied this to our, 'Chef’s Table'. So… if you have a group of ten and want to celebrate that special occasion with family and friends or you simply find the notion of dining with people you don’t know, when you arrive, an interesting way of spending your dining time, then the ‘Chef’s Table’ is for you. You can book a single chair or the whole table and any combination in between. We believe the concept of the Chefs Table is another singularly unique feature of dining at The Barn.